Hadar Weitzman

Mr. Hadar Wes Weitzman, Adv., C.P.A, Co-CEO

Hadar WeitzmanMr. Hadar Weitzman is a member of both the Israel Bar and the California State Bar (admitted 1989 and 1991 respectively). He also holds a C.P.A license,  member of the Israel C.P.A Association (admitted 1985) and holds a California Real Estate Broker License.

 Mr. Hadar Wes Weitzman is a Securities Attorney & C.P.A with multi-disciplinary qualifications in Investment Banking, Economics, Accountancy, Real Estate and Law. Mr. Weitzman is an expert in Israel Securities Law, Investment Agreements, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy. He graduated Tel-Aviv University, Recanati School of Business Management, with a B.A in Accounting 1982 and a B.A in Economics 1982. He then completed Postgraduate Studies in Accounting and Business Management at Tel-Aviv University, 1983. In 1988, he graduated Tel-Aviv University Law School with an LL.B.  Received certificate of outstanding achievements from the Recanati School of Management.

 Mr. Weitzman’s working experience included top law firms and companies in Israel and the U.S.A: Ernest & Young – Lueboshitz, Kassirer & Co., a leading accounting firm, The Israel Corporation Ltd. The largest Investment Company in Israel. , Dr. E. Vinograd, President of the T.A District/Appeal Court as law clerk to the President Judge,  Prof. Joseph Gross, Hodak, Greenberg & Co., a leading law firm specializing in Capital Markets Taxation and Corporation Law. McCambridge, Diexler, Marmaro & Goldberg, Century City, LA California.

 Mr. Hadar Weitzman was Chairman of the “Capital Markets Committee” of the Israel Bar’s Central Region, and represented the Israeli bar in the Israeli Parliament regarding Taxation and Capital Markets enactments. He has served as member of the “Capital Market’s Enactment Committee”  of the Israel Bar, Member of the “Investment Banking Committee” and the “Taxation Committee” of the Israeli C.P.A Association.

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